If the traditional hotel wedding reception isn’t your thing then a destination wedding may be for you! A destination wedding is a wedding held in a spectacular location, usually far enough away that you have to travel to get there. Some people feel like travelling for their wedding is a lot of effort but if you already have guests travelling from around the country or world to attend, we say make it worth their while.

 Toowoomba wedding venue - Jimbour

There are a number of benefits associated with destination weddings. The most obvious being the WOW factor they add. Destination wedding venues usually have stunning scenery and unique architecture that will help to create an incredible ambience. These key features also reduce the costs associated with decorating. Put simply, it costs more to make an average venue look amazing then it does to simply enhance a venue that is already stunning. If your wedding venue is unique and naturally beautiful people will enjoy their surroundings and remember the day.

Another great benefit of the stunning scenery at destination weddings is the photographic opportunities it provides. You don’t want to be traveling long distances to a secondary location for photos on your wedding day. Choosing a venue with a number of beautiful backdrops will help save you time so you can get back to the celebrations!


Destination weddings also offer exclusivity. Your wedding will be away from the outside world and everyday distractions meaning the only thing the venue’s staff have to worry about is your wedding. You won’t have to share your day with other couples or be ushered into another room because an event is scheduled after yours. You can take your time and relax knowing you have a whole team dedicated to your day.


You can expect a professional service when you book a destination wedding. In most cases the venue would have found its niche market and is focused on offering the best service possible. It’s highly likely the venue will even provide a dedicated events manager or stylist to help plan your day. This is a deal breaker in most cases because you don’t want to be putting on chair covers and setting table’s only hours before you get married. The help of a professional will ensure your wedding is styled the way you envisioned and you can enjoy your day with out any stress.




Of course, we happen to think we have the ultimate destination wedding and our wedding planner, Tanya agrees. Here are her top tips for brides considering destination weddings:


  • Blanket book accommodation where possible. That will ensure that both you and your guests aren’t stressed about finding available accommodation.
  • Provide destination maps and points of interests for your guests. Not only will it make getting to your venue easier it will also help create a sense of excitement amongst your guests.
  • Arrange group transport. If you have guests staying in multiple accommodation venues, try and coordinate a shuttle bus to your wedding venue. Again its little touches like this that will make the day so much easier and enjoyable for your guests.
  • Provide thank you presents for your bridal party and parents that feature elements from your destination (think locally produced jams etc)
  • Make sure you know what is legal! Marrying within Australia generally doesn’t present a problem but if you are planning on marrying overseas, make sure you check the relevant country’s laws regarding marriage.