You’ve set the date and chosen a venue, now it’s time to decide on a theme for your wedding.

Themes are not only a lot of fun, they will also set the tone for your wedding and how well it is remembered. There are so many wedding themes available to brides these days so to help you with your inspiration, our wedding planner Tanya, has outlined her favourite seasonal wedding themes below:

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Could this theme be any more perfect? Draw upon the charm and whimsy of Shakespeare’s classic play with beautiful wild flowers, plenty of candles and twinkling fairy lights. You may want to have your reception outdoors under the stars while taking advantage of the warmer weather. Wrap fairy lights around trees and hang them from above to light up the space and give it a magical feel. Whimsical touches like paper flowers hung from tree branches, beautiful wildflowers placed in jars or Grecian pots, and quirky whicker ornaments will make your reception otherworldly. A cake adorned with fresh or sculpted flowers or lavished with fresh fruit is a perfect fit with this theme.

 midsommer wedding

Rustic Autumn Wedding
A rustic autumn wedding theme is perfect for rural destinations where trees are alive with colour and native blooms. Incorporate the season’s organic shades of warm red, burnt orange and golden yellow into your space for a warm and rustic feel. Start with a large, naked space that you can fill with charming and quirky décor. An aircraft hanger would be perfect (we happen to have one of those!) as it is large enough to not feel cramped but intimate enough to achieve a rustic feel. Build the theme by incorporating hay bales, wreaths made from native flowers and earthy, wooden furniture. Use festoon lighting to set a soft romantic mood. When it comes to the cake opt for a white or beige colour, keeping it simple. Consider adding succulents or dried autumn leaves and branches rather than fresh flowers for a quirky touch.

Rustic wedding

Winter Wonderland

If it’s a glamorous wedding your wanting than this is the season to have it. Dangling crystals, white florals and gorgeously decorated frosted branches will help create a luxurious winter wedding. Your venue should have a sensational view, be of historical significance or have beautiful architecture to match the elegance of a winter wonderland wedding. Think about centerpieces that would enhance your theme such as vases filled with baby’s breath (and resembling snow) or stunning white candles placed on mirrors to reflect the flame. This theme allows for an indulgent cake with lashings of frosting or sculptural design features. Keep the base colour white and add a combination of lace, sparkling jewels and large white blooms.

winter wonderland v2

Spring Garden Party

Spring is a season with so much natural beauty it just doesn’t seem right to not take advantage of it all! I just love the thought of a garden party themed wedding. You will want to dress an open, outside space with cute bunting, paper lanterns, ribbon and plenty of fresh flowers. To create a whimsical and romantic feel, string fairy lights through the tree branches to light up the night. Simple yet stunning centerpieces consisting of peachy and cream coloured flowers in jars adorned with lace will help set the tone. Remember that this theme is all about fun. Cute and quirky props such as signs directing to the ceremony and reception, old suitcases and vintage couches will truly impress. Dress your cake with an array of colourful pastel flowers and accompany it with a selection of unique cupcakes or pastel macaroons.


Garden party wedding