A wedding day should be picture perfect from start to finish so it’s only natural you’ll want to take a few snaps of your own to share on social media. However, having a camera phone at your disposal doesn’t mean you can post anything and everything. Particularly for weddings, social media etiquette should be front of mind so be sure to consider the bride, groom and other guests before you hit the post button.

Follow our tips below for the inside scoop on navigating social media at weddings.



If you have the privilege of visiting the bride before the ceremony do not share any photos of her on social media. It’s bad taste to do this before the groom has seen her. The same goes for bridesmaids and groomsmen, wait until after the ceremony to post photos of you dressed in your wedding attire. The bride and groom would have put a lot of time and effort into choosing outfits, hairstyles and makeup looks, so the grand reveal should take place at the ceremony not via your Instagram.




If the couple have a wedding hash tag make sure you use it. Wedding hashtags will usually be displayed on a sign at the ceremony or printed on the wedding program. Basically, the bride and groom have chosen to share their special day with you and ask in return that you share your photos with them through social media.


If the bride and groom don’t have a wedding hashtag encouraging social posts then you should wait to post pictures of them and their wedding party until after they have done so first.




No matter how badly you want the perfect shot for Instagram, do not get in the way of the professional photographer! Professional photographers can be expensive so don’t nudge them out of the way in order to get photos of intimate moments, like the first dance.


The same goes for immediate family members. If there is a proud mother or father trying to get a picture just sit back and let them do their thing. It’s also important to remember to turn your flash off during special moments as this can cause over exposure in the professional photos.



Before you post a photo or status to social media make sure your post won’t offend or upset anyone. An easy way to do this is to check that the other people in your photo are okay with it being posted to social media. While you may look incredible in a photo, if the bride standing next to you has her eyes closed or was caught of guard, it’s not appropriate to post. If somebody asks you to remove a photo of them from your social media politely oblige, it’s not worth getting into an argument over.


Most importantly, if you do have a negative opinion about an aspect of the wedding or a guest you find annoying do not voice this on social media. The bride and groom would have spent a lot of time and money on their wedding and won’t want to read about how you thought the chicken was cold or the person you were sat next to was boring. Instead, you could thank them for the invite and wish them a happy marriage. They will enjoy reading posts like this once the day is over.



Make sure you don’t spend so much time on your phone that your only memories of the day are through a screen. Take a few photos but then focus on being present in the moment. You were invited to the wedding because the bride and groom value your company so make sure you are present in the moment.